Amsterdam, 4-5 April, 2019 - Head and Neck Cancer Symposium

The 14th International Netherlands Cancer Institute Head & Neck Cancer symposium will focus on the diagnosis and treatment of locally advanced tumors.

Many recent developments, such as continuing epidemiological research, new insights in molecular biology, more understanding of the role of HPV, advances in 3D technology and the breakthrough of immunotherapy have changed the approach of head and neck cancer dramatically during the last decades. These innovations may not only improve the outcome but also pose new challenges for multidisciplinary tumor boards in appropriate decision making.

This symposium brings pitfalls in implementation of these recent achievements in daily clinical practice to the attention of the participants. Lectures by keynote speakers will bring you up to date on general knowledge.

Case report discussions are included to discuss implementation of the acquired knowledge. Lectures and presentations aim at teaching and discussion on current advances and state of the art of diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer. The selection of the speakers represent the multidisciplinary character of this symposium.

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