EACMFS2018 - 18-21 September 2018, Munich

As Maxillofacial surgeons, we save life by resecting malignancies, restore function by reconstructing bones and soft tissues, give hope by removing disfigurements, and produce happiness by bringing out the beauty of faces - we can be proud to say that we are the face of surgery!

But will we be able to perpetuate the successful development of our specialty in the future?

Facing the future - this will be the topic of the 24th EACMFS Congress, and with gratitude for holding presidency and devoted to our Association, I cordially invite you to Munich in September 2018. Together, we will put another milestone on the way to success, focussing on the most important instrument to let grow and further improve our Association: multiplying knowledge by sharing it with each other. In Munich, everybody will find sessions, topics, courses and joint meetings they are interested in, and - following the tradition of our Congresses - every clinician and scientist will have the chance to make a contribution. Well structured and highly didactic lectures and workshops will be given about surgical techniques, cadaver courses will be offered for surgical training, guidelines on the most important issues of our specialty will be presented and discussed at special round tables and symposia, and the foundation of an European study group for oncologic research in Maxillofacial surgery is planned as an aim of the Congress.

Although there will be no limitation to the range of topics, the selection of papers will be made according to scientific quality and clinical impact. A major aspect of our meeting will be to consider the teaching character in each session, based on the best available evidence and the vast experience of key note speakers from all over the world. Already now, leading representatives have been attracted who will communicate their valuable knowledge and ideas about trend setting developments in the future. The Congress will also be a platform for guest societies, who are invited to contribute to the programme with high quality papers.

Munich is an international, cosmopolitan metropolis and situated in the midst of a beautiful pre-alpine countryside with an excellent infrastructure and one of the largest airports in Europe. The venue of the Congress will be The Gasteig, centrally located with excellent public transport access and in walking distance from the river Isar and many sights, restaurants and the beautiful old town of Munich. Thanks to an excellent cooperation of our PCO Torres Pardo with the local Co-PCO boeld communication, the Congress will be perfectly organised. Room reservations at affordable rates have already been made in attractive hotels, all located directly nearby, and an exiting social programme has already been put together: A Congress opening with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, courtesy of The Gasteig, the Trainees networking event at one of the beaches, as well as separate events not included in the Congress activities: a traditional float tour down the river Isar followed by a typical Bavarian evening in the famous Hofbräuhaus, and a festive dinner in the old City Hall. And for the sportive colleagues: a run through “Englischer Garten”. At the end of the Congress, a special highlight is waiting for those who want to extend their stay in Munich a little bit: the World’s largest fair, the Munich Oktoberfest will start the day after the end of the Congress.

I am convinced, the program will provide you with new information, a better knowledge in the field of your interest, and ideas how to improve your results - and it will be a stimulus to further harmonise our medical standards and to successfully compete with our neighbour disciplines. Exchange your expertise with more than 1.500 specialists in CMF Surgery and mark your calendar:

EACMFS, 18-21 September 2018
Facing the future - together in Munich!

Friday August 31st - Reduced Registration Fee

Do not miss the opportunity to register online before Saturday September 1st with the reduced registration fee.
Click here to register.

For more information and registration: https://www.eacmfs2018.com



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